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Elizabeth (Libby) Brownlie |

VICTORIA | Zita Canning

WESTERN AUSTRALIA | Charlotte Wigham


NEW SOUTH WALES | Alanna Jinks

SOUTH AUSTRALIA | Karen Sowton & Cathy Olsson

TASMANIA | Megan Cavanagh


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2 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Hello, I was wanting to enquire about your copy-write and licensing agreements available for therapists to produce items and sell items using kws visuals.
    Thank you


    1. Hi Emily, thanks for your question. The KWS line drawings are owned and copyrighted by Key Word Sign Victoria. Key Word Sign Australia has an official agreement with KWS Victoria that allows us to use the line drawings in our resources and products.
      Please don’t include the line drawings if you are making items that will be sold. Our new website is going to be launched soon which will give people the ability to create handouts with line drawings for people they support (personal use only – not for commercial sale), so stay tuned on our social media for more updates 🙂
      Hope that helps,


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