Key Word Sign in Australia

KWS is a national network of state committees or representatives and a National Coordinator, based at the Scope office in Melbourne.

The National Coordinator works with the states to continue to develop KWS resources, products and training. The state committees/representatives support people to access KWS training in their states.

The aims of KWS Australia are to:

  • Promote and develop the use of key word signing throughout Australia, for the benefit of people with communication difficulties.
  • Provide for the sale and distribution of Key Word Sign resources across Australia.
  • Be a source of information on all matters relating to key word signing in Australia.
  • Support a state network of Key Word Sign Representatives.
  • Ensure a high standard of training of Key Word Sign Presenters.
  • Update and develop new key word signing resources appropriate to Australia.

State Committees & Representatives

We have State Committees and Representatives all across Australia.
The states provide support to KWS Presenters in their state, and help to coordinate the provision of KWS Basic Workshops.

Please contact your state committee/representative if you are interested in attending a Basic Workshop, or if you would like to set up a workshop for your organisation or family.

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