Meet Kobe

Meet Kobe, who was diagnosed with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome ( at 18 months, and Autism Spectrum disorder at 3 years old. His mum Tanya takes us through his inspirational journey with Key Word Sign and how it played a significant role in his communication.  

Friends, family and the soccer team all got on board to learn Key Word Sign so they could interact with Kobe. While his speech was still developing, Key Word Sign gave Kobe a means for communication so he could express what he wanted.  The journey wasn’t always easy, but Tanya persisted because she knew that it was so important for Kobe to have a means of communication.

Today, Kobe uses speech to communicate and still uses Key Word Sign and his communication book/board as backup communication tools due to still attending speech pathology sessions to improve his articulation.

Thank-you Kobe and Tanya for sharing your amazing story with us, and for teaching us to value every person’s way of communicating.

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