This is the training to get you started using KWS.

You will learn a vocabulary of approximately 80 signs and understand more about how to use KWS. This is a 1 day workshop, or can also be done over 2 or more sessions. It’s a great idea to go to KWS Basic workshop with another person you know who wants to learn to use KWS, then you can practice together and support each other!

The state committees/representatives can help you find a KWS workshop in your state, or help you set up your own for your family, school or organisation. Or have a look for an individual Presenter near you by going to your state. 


This is the training that equips you to deliver KWS workshops.

Historically it has been run over 3.5 days, with a supervised workshop to complete the training. Presenter Training was last delivered in Melbourne and Perth in 2019.

We are working to improve and update this training package and at this stage do not have a date for when this training will be offered again.

Please email us at if you would like to be contacted when this training is available again.

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